Plymouth County, Massachusetts
      Plymouth County, Massachusetts

      Plymouth County, Massachusetts

        Welcome to the official website of Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

      The Plymouth County Commissioners hope that this site will provide you with useful information regarding the operations and responsibilities of Plymouth County government and the services that the county provides.

      It is also our goal for this website to continually evolve and to serve as an easy access to useful links to your local town, state, and federal government web sites, as well as provide access to links of the many historic and cultural destinations and resources in beautiful Plymouth County.

      As you may know, in 1685, Plymouth County was created by the Plymouth General Court, the legislative body of Plymouth Colony at that time. A few years later, Plymouth County was annexed by Massachusetts Bay Colony.

      Plymouth County has provided services to its citizens for over three hundred years. The County has a vital role in the region and holds a number of historically significant properties utilized by its residents to this day. Nationwide, the trend at the federal and state level is for the regionalization of appropriate governmental services, and Plymouth County is uniquely positioned to capitalize on that trend.

      This web site is an ongoing project, and the Plymouth County Commissioners want it to be a relevant and useful tool for residents and visitors alike.

      Please check in often and visit the many links available on this site for easy access to information about the Plymouth County Region.

      Special thanks to the elected officials and management personnel of the County of Plymouth:

      Daniel A. Pallotta, Chairman, Hanover

      Gregory M. Hanley, Plymouth

      Sandra M. Wright, Bridgewater

      Frank Basler, County Administrator - (508-830-9104 / Email: fbasler@plymouthcountyma.gov)

      Nancy O'Rourke, Executive Assistant

      Molly Vollmer, Director of Education, Co-Operative Extension Service

      Douglas A. Wedge, Superintendent of Buildings

      Thomas J. O'Brien, Treasurer, Plymouth

      Jeffrey M. Welch, Deputy Treasurer

      John R. Buckley, Jr., Register of Deeds - Brockton

      Timothy White, Assistant, Register of Deeds

      Marilyn L. Marvill, Chief Executive Assistant

      John Zigouras, II, Director of Operations

      Christine Richards, Director of Information Systems